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I created this blog because of my love for books.
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Mya Gosling and her succinct Shakespeare comics “In 3 Panels”. Achingly simple, these short comic strips provide a concise beginning-middle-end guide to many of Shakespeare’s classic and obscure works.

No one ever grows up. They may look grown-up, but it’s just the clay of time. Men and women are still children deep in their hearts.
Robert McCammon, Boy’s Life
I understood then what courage is all about. It is loving someone else more than you love yourself.
Robert McCammon, Boy’s Life

Eudora Welty’s library in Jackson, Mississippi.

Philip Pullman in his study.

Agatha Christie in her summer home in Devon, England

Shakespeare and Company, a famous bookshop in Paris. by elsa11 on Flickr.

Set in the heart of Paris on the Left Bank opposite Notre-Dame, Shakespeare and Company has grown from a bookstore into an institution. It is situated in the Latin Quarter which for centuries has been the centre of Parisian creativity and intelligentsia.
Upon entering, you will find yourself in a place Henry Miller described “A wonderland of books”.

shakespeare and company bookstore, Paris

Renault Van Bookshop, Lisbon, Portugal