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I created this blog because of my love for books.
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1. Everything from boarding pass to railway ticket becomes a bookmark for you.

2. While you look for bookmarks, this annoying habit on non readers really puts you off.

3. Nothing is more refreshing than the smell of new book.

4. More often than not Kindle does not light any fire with you.

5. You always get grief for reading on vacations and are often labelled anti-social.

6.  No movie adaptation can ever be as good as the book.

7. You can ask a reader her salary, you can even ask her age. But do NOT ask her for her books.

8. When you get a friend request on Facebook you invariably end up checking the list of books they have read.

9. A reader will always be curious about what the other person on the next table is reading.

10.  You have spent nights finishing a book. Sobbing, laughing, and enjoying the world the writer paints.

11. You often forget to eat or sleep because what you are reading is just unputdownable.

12. People have no difficulty buying you a gift.

13. Your retirement plan revolves around owning a quaint book store cum coffee house in a corner of a bustling street. Somewhere in the mountains.


August Book Photo Challenge
Day 28: Colors

A rainbow of some my favorite books.

Outlander Series

Outlander Series


Moving out of the apartment


Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.
Joseph Brodsky (via a-thousand-words)

(via a-thousand-words)


My new books finally came in!